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Spa resorts are increasingly recognized in both secured and ever-busy people. This article presents the top ten spas in Europe.

Spas are increasingly recognized in both secured and ever-busy people. For many of them it is a form of recreation may be the most complete. Each spa resort offers vacationers a variety of treatments to relax the body and soothe the soul. Choose SPA taste – the shore of the warm sea, the quiet forest or the mountains. This article presents the top ten spas in Europe.

Rickatschwende, Austria
Rickatschwende – Alpine Health Center, where the integrated approach to the restoration of the body. For rehabilitation procedures in Rickatschwende practice acupuncture, manual therapy, stone massage, hydrotherapy and effective diet to cleanse the body. Many programs Franz Mayer developed a spa center, a specialist in sanatorium treatment. The basis of his technique lies in the fact that the harmony in the human body is impossible without proper nutrition, which is selected for each client individually.

Felke-Kurhaus Menschel, Germany
The spa Felke-Kurhaus Menschel place called East and West meet, where the German tradition was reunited with an exotic mysterious rituals. Basis spa treatments – mud Emanuel Felke. One hundred years ago, the Lutheran priest discovered the healing properties of mud minerals. Particularly beneficial Local dirt reflected on the skin. In addition, the center offers massages on the Japanese and Chinese techniques. During the Tibetan massage relaxation is achieved through sound vibrations.

Beatus, Switzerland
Beatus Wellness Centre is located on the shores of picturesque Lake Thun with stunning views of the Alps. Relaxation procedures dictated by the location of the hotel. Cool mountain air is well combined with seven different saunas, including a Finnish sauna, hammam and sauna in Zen and Thai style. The Beatus remembered the old alpine tradition to take a bath with hay – it is useful for blood vessels, blood circulation and joints. In addition, women’s magazines say and oriental massage with fresh lime and coconut.

Madlein, Austria
Madlein – the first designer hotel in the Austrian Alps, and a spa located in its famous design in the style of Zen. Procedures in Madlein renowned integrated approach, because the body is perceived as a whole. The spa is particularly proud of thalassotherapy for relaxation and regeneration of the skin. Fire Room is ideal for meditation.

Chewton Glen Hotel, United Kingdom
Chewton Glen Hotel is famous for water treatments and spa offers the best hydrotherapy in the UK. The Pearl Hotel – a huge swimming pool with clear water, enriched with ozone. One of the pools located outdoors. Gidroprotsedury, special masks for the face and body relax and tone up, improve blood circulation, normalize breathing and relieve tension.

Le Sirenuse, Italy
The five-star Hotel Le Sirenuse provide a family atmosphere in a high maintenance. Hospitable hosts claim that after they stayed at their property relationships between men and women become more gentle and harmonious. The hotel boasts views of the sea, which is able to provide the most beneficial healing influence. Swimming pool on the terrace surrounded by lemon trees. Here guests will be offered exclusive cosmetics Aveda, which is based on Indian traditional knowledge of Ayurveda – the fashion for spa impossible without oriental techniques. Especially good hydrothermal massage on the balls filled with water.

Vigilius Mountain Resort, Italy
Vigilius is located in the Dolomites at an altitude of 1525 meters, and to be in this paradise, you have to take a cable car. The concept of the spa resort: harmony with nature. Even the hotel building is constructed so that erased the distinction between the creation of human and natural landscape of hands. Exclusive treatment spa Vigilius – massage with fragrant cones. For relaxation and yoga fit garden Paradise Garden. Each guest is made individually diet and fitness program.

Elysium Hotel, Cyprus
The spa at the hotel “Elysium” descriptively called the Opium Health Spa. Here you feel the mystery of overseas stories. Oriental Massage energy points are made with stones: for soothing effect of warm stones used for refreshing – cold. Special service – head massage with oils and mineral mud. Program “Escapism”, “Deluxe head to toe”, “Heavenly Bliss” and “secret fountain of youth Aphrodite” includes exfoliation, aromatherapy and mud wraps against cellulite.

Katikies, Greece
Greek spa Katikies – the realm of water and air, where the blue sky merges with the ocean. Aegean sea view from the hotel a truly memorable one, and even careless accommodation in a suite with a jacuzzi with the obligatory candlelight dinner in the open air will make your rest complete and unforgettable, a real lady magic and fairy tale at the same time. Katikies Center specializes in water treatment, bringing the ease of the body and the spirit of freedom.

Ritz Carlton, Turkey
The best spa center in Turkey is considered to be Laveda Open Air Spa, located on the roof of a luxury Istanbul hotel Ritz Carlton. Here visitors the luxury of the Sultan Palace, elegant oriental interior design, and the majority of spa treatments take place in the open air. Curative effect of intensified thanks to the warm wind from the Bosphorus. Laveda Open Air Spa specializes in the “royal” massage in six hands and massage with energy stones and essential oils.

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