Tips Trainers Hollywood








1. Actress Jennifer Lopez owes her perfect figure leading trainer Gunnar Peterson Hollywood. She has been on his program The Core Secret Kit, as well as water aerobics twice goes to a week.
2. Unbelievable but true: the stars get up early. The rise in the morning – the first step towards solving the problem of how to become slim. Almost all the stars the morning – it’s the only free time. Coach actress Jennifer Garner, Valerie Waters, says that the actress got up at four in the morning. The first 10 minutes, Jennifer worked on a treadmill, while smiling. Valerie Waters gives a few tips to help you get up in the morning. It is necessary to set the alarm clock away from you. In the evening it is necessary to prepare clothes for workouts and cosmetics. Makeup will cheer up. Be sure to eat breakfast, for example, to eat 2 tbsp. spoons of steamed oatmeal with honey.