Top 10 most popular simulators




In 10th place is located Stepper – cardio, which allows the load on the legs and buttocks muscles. This simulator that simulates climbing stairs, the most popular among the female audience. Because, unlike the power simulators, helps make your legs slim and toned, without increasing muscle mass.
9th place
Rowing trainer – cardio versatile, allowing to achieve tangible results in the weight loss business. During the lessons on this simulator load test simultaneously all major muscle groups, which contributes to the harmonious development of the body. This is one of the few exercise machines, which, thanks to one exercise, affects most of the muscles in our body. Despite the high efficiency of training on the rowing simulator, some still avoid it, afraid to engage on it very hard. Therefore, strictly speaking, in ninth place.
8th place
Eighth place in the popularity rating given to the crossover. This power allows the trainer to train the muscles of the chest, shoulders, back and press. When the load is distributed only on the muscles necessary for us, and the rest remain unused. This simulator is relevant not only for professional athletes and bodybuilders, but also for those who wish to correct your figure.
7th place
Smith Machine. This simple design for the simulator, which is a bench with two pillars on which the movement is made complication, is very popular among bodybuilders and bodybuilders. The secret of his success – security and good performance. Smith Machine is not just pumps up the muscles, and increases their weight. The result of training is visible very soon, which, of course, attracts many.
6th place
On the 6 th place in our rating is a simulator for the leg press. It is quite popular among both men and women. The secret of his success is simple – it is one of the few fitness machines, which allows you to explore and seriously pump up your leg muscles.
5th place
In fifth place – orbitrek (elliptical trainer). And its popularity is well deserved, because it really is the most effective way of cardio. Elliptical trainer is like no other, it allows to tone the muscles of the whole body. Orbitrek especially popular among women, as has a good effect on the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. Plus worked pectoral muscles, and the muscles of the arms and shoulders. The popularity of this simulator is explained by the fact that it does not affect the joints and spine, which means that you can practice as comfortable as possible.
4th place
Link to the top unit. Not all men can now be tightened. What can we say about the girls. Therefore, the thrust from the upper block (imitates pulling) is an indispensable simulator, and is in almost every room. In addition, this exercise on the simulator simple enough and suitable even for complete novices. Therefore, he earned himself a reputation in the exercise rooms.
3rd place
It opens the top three most popular simulators plain old exercise bike. Yes, it is least likely to idle in splendid isolation in the fitness rooms. This is for their own reasons: exercise bike extremely easy to use, suitable for people of any fitness and has provided substantial assistance in the maintenance of the external form.
2nd place
At the 2 nd place, as they say, a classic of the genre – a treadmill! Simplicity and efficiency – that’s what makes the treadmill one of the most popular exercise machines at all times. Running or walking – the most familiar to us kind of activity that we face every day. This is what we can and know how. That’s why your exercise us easily and comfortably. In addition, running at a speed of 8 km / h for 30 minutes, it will allow us to burn 300 calories, and the fruitful impact of such training on the cardiovascular system of the body and does not speak.
1 place
Trainers (tilts through goat). This simulator is truly irreplaceable. And woe to the room that does not have this simple device. Beginners who train on their own, often ignore hyperextension. But almost all the coaches forced his players to train on it almost every workout. It is understandable. No one exercise is not as effective and safe for the back. All exercises strengthen the back, one way or another, connected with the axial load. Only the slopes through the goat do not load your waist and have virtually no contraindications.
As you can see, in the top three in our rating included just two cardio. And this is indeed the case, because the vast majority of people continue to come to the gym to lose weight or maintain your fitness. But fitness machines are more popular among professional bodybuilders and serious athletes who are less. Therefore, they are assigned the rating a more modest place. Free same weight, with all their diversity, and accessibility, while nothing could oust the first step of the podium.

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